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Sorry to see you leaving us, this page contains the info you need to
cancel your child's classes

All new memberships at Flair Gym Clubs come backed by our 100% money back guarantee and we will refund your tuition and membership payment if you are inside your first 30 days.

If you are 'opting out' after your TRIAL CLASS please use the same cancellation form below'

If you are outside of 30 days, there is a 2 month notice period when cancelling.

Your cancellation form (below) will be 'date stamped' to help us track when you cancelled
and your club manager will process your cancellation accordingly.

Please, please be 100% certain when cancelling, because... 

Lots of our classes have wait-lists and once you cancel, we will offer your childs class place

to a wait-list child on your leaving date (end of your notice period),

or if inside of your 30 days, 'right away!'

In fairness to everyone on our wait list, if you wish to come back to a Flair Gym Club after cancelling, you will need to re-apply for your place.
This will mean you will be at the end of the waiting lists!

Full terms & conditions can found at



CLUB: FARNHAM (at All Hallows School, Farnham) >> CANCEL HERE

CLUB: SPORTS PARK (at Surrey Sports Park, Guildford) >> CANCEL HERE

CLUB: SPECTRUM (at Guildford Spectrum) >> CANCEL HERE

CLUB: WEYBRIDGE (at St George's College, Weybridge) >> CANCEL HERE

CLUB: WOKING (at Woking Leisure Centre) >> CANCEL HERE

We recognise that we cannot always offer precisely what every single parent or child needs or wants at every stage of their development and we truly wish your child much success in all they do. We are always here in case you decide you’d like to give it another go in the future.

Thank you for having been part of the Flair Family


For a copy of our full terms & conditions please CLICK HERE 

Q: What happens after I submit my cancellation form?

A: We will stop charging your card that is registered with us once your final payment has been collected (If outside of your 30 day money back guarantee period) . If you have other children whose classes are continuing, we will amend your monthly tuition fee payment automatically and will send you an official 'Leavers Email.'

Please retain a copy of the 'Leavers Email' for your records.

Q: I came for a trial class, we didn't join and my card got charged, WHY? And where is my refund?

A: For all new members, we operate an auto-enrol system. This means that we will auto-enrol you, unless we hear otherwise from you 72 hours after your child's trial class. We process your payment using the card that you used for your trial class (unless you tell us otherwise). 

BUT, don't worry, just complete the cancellation form and we will refund you right away.


Q: Why do I have to give a 2 months notice when cancelling (when outside of my 30 day money back guarantee period) ?

A: We budget our expenses, such as staffing costs and facilities hire, based on the number of paying students present each month for every class type at each of our clubs. We simply could not operate a financially viable program without requiring a cancellation notice period as we absolutely need to know in advance exactly how many children require tuition every month.

To help us to continue offering our easy monthly payment system and so we can sustainably offer a reliable coaching program in the future, we insist that our customers follow the rules when terminating their account and ending their tuition by adhering to our two month cancellation policy.

Q: How do I know if I'm inside my 30 days money back guarantee period? 

A: The first day starts from when your child took their trial class at Flair, 30 days from that date marks the last day of your 30 day money back period, in which if you are not totally satisfied, just use the cancellation form and we will cheerfully refund your membership and tuition fees in full. 

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my refund (I am inside my 30 day money back guarantee period) ?

A: We ONLY refund those who are inside their 30 day money back guarantee period.
All cancellation forms are processed by your club manager within 72 hours (and usually faster) you will receive an email detailing the timeframe for your refund which usually takes 7 working days. Refunds are issued back to the card that you made the original payment from.

Q: I have feedback or a complaint, or I need to speak to someone?

A: Your club manager is best placed in the first instance to answer any questions or address your feedback.

OR, you can reach out by:

Phone: 01483 654440

Email: hello@ukflair.com


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UK Flair Head Office Address: Abbey House, Hickleys Court, South Street, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7QQ.